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Our Programs

Kangoo Running Clinic

Using Kangoo Jumps for regular training will increase your performance and save your joints for the Race Day.

This program will enhance your technique by helping you correct any imbalances in your body and using various exercises to strengthen and lengthen the muscles.

Increasing flexibility is also a part of the Running Clinic program, which will help lengthen your gait and assist in prevention of injury.

Studies show that Kangoo Jumps reduce the impact by up to 80% and increase endurance (V02 Max) by 16% compared to regular running shoes.

Kangoo Boot Camp

Kangoo Boot Camp is a fun, military style, circuit training program that can be conducted outdoors and indoors. This program combines the best of cardio & strength training and is suitable for participants of all ages and fitness levels.

Jogging – Tuck Jumps – Interval Sprints – Plyometric Jump Training are just some of the exercises that you will be doing in this all-out workout from KANGOO.

You will work the whole body from head to toe.
You will never get bored of this Fun Challenging Class.


Kangoo Discovery/Kids

Kangoo Discovery combines aerobic programs, fun games, sport activities, teamwork and dance. It consists of 2 programs for children and teens. It builds coordination, endurance, good posture and self-image in children and teens, as it challenges both the body and brain.

Kangoo Discovery fights obesity and turns negative energy into positive in a fun and enjoyable workout.

  • Kangoo Discovery 1: an easy basic program for schools
  • Kangoo Discovery 2: an advanced program designed for fitness clubs and other organizations

After-school/Lunch programs and summer camps!

Kangoo Dance

Forget any other form of aerobics and with high/low moves that can damage and jar your joints.

Kangoo Dance is a traditional aerobic program utilizing Kangoo Jumps boots, which act as shock absorbers. It will help you burn fat, lose weight much more quickly than other aerobics concept.

The program is both functional and motivational, teaching participants effective jump techniques for enhanced enjoyment, while preventing injury from bio-mechanical stress.

You will work your abdominals, pelvic floor and back and that is just standing in the Kangoo Jumps boots!
So imagine what you can achieve with the full spectrum of exercises incorporated within the program.

Kangoo Kick

Kick it! This is a Martial Arts style program, using blocks, kicks and punches from various styles, including Kick Boxing and Karate.

This non-contact, non-aggressive, great stress buster will challenge your whole body and make you feel like you can take on the world! Participating in this program is a great way to turn stress into positive energy.

When you participate in the Kangoo Kick program you will benefit from increased strength and developed muscle tone. It will also help to correct your posture and enhance your balance.

Kangoo Kick is a complete workout for body and mind.

Kangoo Power

Kangoo Power is a highly motivating interval training program, specifically designed to challenge the whole body, building muscular strength and endurance.

The basic moves are easy and can be performed with growing complexity and intensity.

This program suits a broad range of class attendees, even those who normally do not join group aerobics. It is also great for athletes, due to its use of explosive plyometric techniques. Using Kangoo Jumps, that maximize effort, while preventing damaging impact to the joints.