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Kangoo Jumps

Considered the world’s lowest impact shoes, Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes help reduce the impact of athletic activity up to 80%. Thanks to the revolutionary Impact Protection System (IPS), a kind of mini trampoline built into the shoe. It was specifically designed to provide a low impact alternative for individuals unable to participate in high impact activities due to concerns about the immediate and long-term effects of repetitive stress on the body’s joints.


Scientific studies by NASA show that rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective, and pleasant exercise ever devised. Simultaneously, all the body cells, muscles, and organs are challenged and trained to be their most efficient with each gentle bounce.

Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes are the most convenient and versatile sport article on the market today. The shoes provide an immensely safe and effective method for muscular development and well-rounded health. Adaptable to multiple sports applications as a cross-training tool, they can be used for any activity on any sneaker-friendly surface for running, jogging, martial arts, boxing, dancing, sport-specific conditioning, aerobics, unstable muscle conditioning, circuit training, interval training, plyometric training, and rehabilitation.

The revolutionary concept of Kangoo Jumps allows total freedom of movement. They can be used in varied exercise surroundings, while traditional rebounders require the user to exercise in place. Easily transportable, they are usually referred to as “a gym in a bag” as they satisfy all requirements for a full-body workout, making training fun and enjoyable.

This versatile high-quality Swiss-designed product is easy to use for anyone, at any age (from 6 to 92 years-old), anywhere, at anytime, and for any fitness level. Our Kangoo Jumps fitness programs incorporate rebounding into several popular class formats.

Their impact reduction also significantly enhances the healing process following sport injures or surgery, relieves pain, and provides the opportunity to exercise in a way that will also alleviate some of the symptoms of diseases, such as arthritis, diabetes, etc.

Kangoo Jumps boots are VERY comfortable, and the sizes are quite flexible because the padding of the liner (inner shoe) adapts to your foot shape.

Various uses

  • Weight Loss (25% more calorie burn than any other form of exercise)
  • Group Fitness Classes / Bootcamp Classes
  • Athletic Training
  • Medical Applications
  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Junior Phys. Ed. & Games
  • Just for Pure Fun!
  • Home Fitness